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Become a MINT brand rep!

We're on the hunt for some fabulous peeps to rep MINT. We want people who genuinely love and would choose to wear our watches, take excellent pictures and are happy to post at least 1 photo featuring our timepieces each week.

You'll get a free watch of your choice straight away and a 30% discount on all purchases made while you're reppin'.

The deets

  1. Make sure you're following @mintwatchco on Instagram.
  2. Share a pic of your fave MINT timepiece, including #mintbrandrep and a short sentence about why you'd like to be a MINT brand rep.
  3. Comment #mintbrandrep on your favourite 3 photos in your feed (must be your own photos). Show us your style and what you love!

The nitty gritty

  1. Search closes midnight 16 December 2016 and successful reps will be contacted on 18 December 2016. 
  2. The initial term is 3 months. Please don't apply if you can't commit to this. 
  3. Public profiles and Australian residents only.

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